view of three characters in pink, blue and yellow, sitting on rocks by the sea at Portrane
Cast members on set at Portrane, Fingal, 2021. Photo: Ros Kavanagh

Echo’s Bones (2022) is a collaborative film-making project with autistic young people in North Dublin, initiated in response to works by Samuel Beckett.

Development with the young people began with a series of online workshops between February – April 2021, facilitated by Sarah Fitzgibbon, Sarah Browne and Eleanor Walsh. These workshops included creative tasks in response to invited guests and artwork prompts, and discussions about autistic representation in film, TV and online.  Together we watched films made by neurodiverse artists such as Mel Baggs’ In My Language (2007), Sharif Persaud’s The Mask (2019), and Jess Thom’s Me, My Mouth and I (2018).

The group are making a film together with Sarah Browne in 2022, informed by this process and an in-person devising and rehearsing process carried out with Mark Ball. Some of the earliest representations of autistic people are in medical films, which were often labelled as being ‘for educational audiences only’. This is a collective attempt at drafting the conditions of making and showing a film by neurodiverse people, for a neurodiverse audience.

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Production photographs: Ros Kavanagh

Project producer: Aisling O’Brien 

Film producer: Maggie Ryan

Drama facilitators: Sarah Fitzgibbon, Eleanor Walsh, Mark Ball

Graphic design: Peter Maybury 

Composer: Alma Kelliher 

Cinematographer: Cathy Dunne

Public art co-ordinator: Caroline Cowley 

Commissioned by Fingal County Council through Infrastructure 2017-2021, Funded by the Per Cent for Art Scheme