Echo’s Bones is a public art project led by Sarah Browne with autistic young people in North County Dublin. It borrows its title from an unpublished story by Samuel Beckett set in that landscape, populated by unusual characters and wildlife, where an old asylum building meets the coastline. This book presents a new play devised and filmed with the young people in the same setting as the original story, nearly a century later.

Autism is not the topic of the project but a way of sensing the world and speculating about a shared future together. This book translates the approach towards the film into a different sensory medium. It features original artwork, a collection of research material from the film production, and newly-commissioned fiction and non-fiction essays by writers Blindboyboatclub, Hamja Ahsan and Roy Claire Potter.

Available online and in-person from The Library Project, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

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Publication title: Echo’s Bones: a parallel play

Year of publication: 2023

Publisher: Fingal County Council

Texts by: Hamja Ahsan, BlindboyboatclubRoy Claire Potter

Editor: Sarah Browne

Designer: Peter Maybury

Printing: MM Artbook Printing

Dimensions: 165 × 195 mm, 152 pages

ISBN: 9781914348068

Category: non-fiction

Subject areas: neurodiversity, nature, psychology, autism, film