The Voice Emerges – research event with the Northern / Irish Feminist Judging Project

April 2015
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The voice emerges from the body / The speculum is inserted into the body / Architecture surrounds the body

Green St. Courthouse, Smithfield, Dublin 7

Artists Sarah Browne and Jesse Jones will present a research event as part of their collaborative work in progress, In the Shadow of the State. This is an art project co-commissioned by Create (Ireland) and Artangel (UK) to be realised in 2016. In this work the artists are investigating the position of the female body as the focus of repressed histories and political desires under the regulation of the State.

This event at Green Street Courthouse will examine the conflicted relationship between female body and female voice, exploring different constructions of the plausibility of female testimony. This is being presented as part of the programme of the Northern / Irish Feminist Judging Project workshop, running in Dublin from April 16th to 18th 2015.

Tina Kinsella (National College of Art and Design / DIT / Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies, Trinity College Dublin) will discuss the roots of female testimony in Greek myth and drama, with reference to contemporary psychoanalytic thought.

Lisa Godson (National College of Art and Design) will analyse the history of gynaecological instruments from a material culture perspective, considering how the users are configured and implied by their design, and the resonances of such implements being used today.

Linda Mulcahy (London School of Economics and Political Science) will present extracts of her research into judicial imaging and the role of court architecture in disciplining female bodies during trials.

These presentations will be followed with a discussion and a screening of the feature film, The Entity starring Barbara Hershey (Director: Sidney J Furie 1982).

Assemble at Green St. entrance, left door. Audience will be guided to seats. Registration 6:30 to 6:45pm. Event begins 7pm sharp, finishes 10:35pm.

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