The Hands at Work #2: curated screening with Jenny Richards at Mint, ABF Huset, Stockholm

June 2019
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6pm at Mint, ABF Huset, Stockholm

Join us for the second is a screening series of screenings and discussions at Mint that feels for the body's place in contemporary labour relations from intersectional feminist positions. This screening shares the work of Rehana Zaman, Tell me the story of all these things, Tina Keane, In Our Hands, Greenham and Ralph Lundsten & Rolf Nilson, Främmande Planet.

This screening continues discussions around the registering of different types of work, this time touching upon collective forms of working both within the content of the films and their production. Rehana Zaman’s and Tina Keane’s film in particular, focus on womxn’s collectivity within relations of political organising and feminised domestic work and the differences in how bodies and activity are registered with the state.

What does it mean to look at these films from a perspective of labour? In what ways can we give form and recognition to the types of activity we are engaged in, in order to go beyond the current concept of work and how it is represented? How can we pay particular attention to different experiences to articulate the polyphonic dimension of lived life and how to work from these positions?

Mint is a new art space in Stockholm located in the former gallery of Sveagalleriet (1961-1992) in ABF house (the Head Quarters of The Swedish Education Association). Mint is initiated by Emily Fahlén and Asrin Haidari, in collaboration with ABF Stockholm, Konstfrämjandet Stockholm and the Swedish Labour Movement's Archive and Library.

The screening programme is curated by Sarah Browne and Jenny Richards.