From a Poem to a Sunset: extended at Daimler Contemporary, Berlin

August 2015
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Extended until 18 October 2015

Daimler Contemporary

Alte Potsdamer Straße 5

10785 Berlin

Due to its positive feedback the duration of our current exhibition “From a Poem to the Sunset“ is extended until October 18, 2015.

The Irish artist Sarah Browne has a commissioned artwork in several parts in the exhibition entitled “From Margin to Margin (Looking for Eileen)”, 2010/2015. In this artwork, she recalls the designer Eileen Gray. For the conclusion of the project, the artist commissioned a poem that achieves a new and independent form every time it is displayed. In Berlin, this is done with the aid of carrier pigeons, which were released at the opening, and will fly again on the following dates: 13th June, 4th July, 15th August. Seven carrier pigeons are released from the balcony of Haus Huth. They carry the poem out into the world, secured to their feet.