Soft Structures – Textile Turns at CIAP, Hasselt

June 2016
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Lombaardstraat 23

B-3500 Hasselt


Textiles are important in the contemporary art world, perhaps as never before. The current shifts or turns in the use of textiles deal less with material aspects of the medium than with the temporal folds of concepts, metaphors, societies and economies. Textiles ‘soft structures’ have played an important role in economical and colonial history. As markers of trade they have intervened in the ‘hard structures’ of capital and politics, and they have initiated fundamental changes on social and economic levels. Textiles tell stories of commerce, of labour, of capitalism, of digital and social networks.

Curated by Evelien Bracke

Artists: Rossella Biscotti (IT), Sarah Browne (IE), Hana Miletic (BE/HR), Emilie Pallard (FR) & Niels Heymans (NL), Judith Raum (DE), Remco Torenbosch (NL), Vincent Vulsma (NL)